The worst type of divorce

There is no “good” divorce, even when you are the person who filed. Divorce is the legal step of ending a marriage – a life lived together, a home built together, a family made together. Writer Olivia Harvey, Cornell University, and Time Magazine all played a role in this article addressing the worst type of divorce. Harvey’s article discussed the worst type of divorce based on a study by Cornell University. “Comparative rejection” is when a spouse chooses someone else over you. It is one thing to get divorced, but comparative rejection is the worst. Comparative rejection can also happen at work, when a coworker is chosen for a promotion over you. As Time Magazine reported on the researchers’ findings, comparative rejections “lead to an increased sense of exclusion and decreased belonging.” The researches also noted that in comparative rejections, you introduce a rival, which makes the situation worse.

The full article, by Olivia Harvey, discusses the research behind why this breakup hurts the most.

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