Why I Do Need to Pay a Consultation Fee?

by Emily Schroll, Paralegal

Some attorneys require a consultation fee, some attorneys do not. Here at Feher Law, the consultation fee for a Family Law matter is $275.00, for a Civil matter it is $150.00, and for Bankruptcy, there is no consultation fee. When potential new clients call into our office and inquire about a consultation, some question why there is a fee at all. Let me explain why we use a consultation fee.

Here is what you are paying for when you pay for a consultation at Feher Law. First off, you are paying for the attorney’s undivided attention to your matter in a private conference room for an hour. You will receive a personalized analysis of your case from someone with experience and compassion, presenting options that balance against your preferences on how you would like to move forward, if at all. There is time for you to ask questions, gain clarity, and usually you get to meet me, Emily, the paralegal (a very important part of your legal team).

Herein lies the difference. I cannot speak for all attorneys that give free consultations, but when you meet with a boutique-sized attorney’s office with a consultation fee (like Feher Law) – your time, your case, and your needs matter. We consult with you regarding your facts and the specific needs of your case. The type of attorney, again typically but not always, who does not charge for a consultation may not discuss your case and may instead give you a generic consultation that is used for all clients. This means that you may not receive the individualized attention or the personalized, professional evaluation you want.

Here at Feher Law, we understand your money is not to be wasted and your case is not to be pushed to the backburner. Think of the consultation fee like an investment. It shows you are serious about your case and are committed to the future services we provide. At Feher Law, your consultation fee can even be credited towards your retainer if you do decide that Feher Law is the right fit for you.

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