Top 3 Apps for Dealing with Debt

Phone applications come and go. Here are three apps we are loving right now that can help you deal with your debt.

Our current favorites are Wunderlist, Credit Sesame, and Mint. Best of all, all three apps are free!


Wunderlist is one of my new favorite apps. I earned a bachelor’s degree in list making. Wunderlist is great for dealing with debt because you can utilize it to list all of your credit card payments and due dates. Better yet, you can also set reminders. If you are sharing credit cards with a spouse or significant other, you can share your Wunderlist with them and also assign who will pay which bill. When bills get paid on time, your credit score increases.

Credit Sesame

I loved Credit Sesame from the moment it first debuted. Credit Sesame provides free credit scores and will show you your score every time you log into the app. It also provides free identity theft protection. Identity theft protection is a plus, especially if you have had problems with identity theft in the past. My favorite feature of Credit Sesame is that they provide tips on how to improve your credit score. Since the tips are personal to you, they help you make the best choices for your credit score. When you know that you need to reduce your debt by $1,600 to improve your credit score to “good”, you can make a plan and focus on what is right for you.



Mint is my favorite budgeting tool (in an app) available right now. It is helpful to have the information on the go when you are at the grocery store or dining out. Mint helps you budget into the categories you currently spend money in. You can use Mint for alerts for upcoming bills. Since the app looks at your upcoming bills and bank accounts, it can help you understand what you can pay and when.

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