The Most Important Thing I learned in 2018 that helped my business

This past year was a delightful year for Feher Law. Looking back, 2018 connected my hard work in getting my firm back open in 2017. It reminds me of growing plants. Even though I cannot keep a plant alive, my firm thrives. This past year allowed me to really give Feher Law the time, energy, and oxygen to grow.


The most important thing I learned in 2018 that helped my business is that you need teamwork. Although Feher Law is a one attorney show, 2018 was a reminder that you need teamwork and collaboration for a firm to thrive. In order to have a successful team, you must work well with others. In February 2018, I began my search for a teammate.


Any business owner knows that the search for any employee is a long, painful process. Honestly, I think it is the worst part of owning a business. The process takes time. You never know if you are making a good decision. You want to follow the adage of “Hire Slow, Fire Fast”. I went through what seemed like endless rounds of interviews. I wanted a teammate and someone I could collaborate with. I found Kaylyn Fox.


Kaylyn was a recent graduate of the University of South Florida. We shared a lot in common, which made teamwork and collaboration flow smoothly. Kaylyn was also an avid Tampa Bay Lightning fan, loved Disney, and the beach.  Now that Kaylyn was a teammate, it was time to collaborate and get to work.


In order for the firm to grow, an owner must be able to trust employees enough to delegate. Tom Colicchio (I’m a big Top Chef fan) of the Craft Restaurant Group in New York City says “[y]ou have to rely on the fact that you can train someone, and that he or she will put his or her heart and soul into the business as much as you would. If you don’t have that trust, it won’t work.” With the trust Kaylyn developed and the work we collaborated on, the firm thrived. Kaylyn was able to take full control of many firm tasks and really allowed me to focus on court appearances, marketing, and firm procedures.


Kaylyn departed at the end of 2018 to pursue her dreams and I could not be happier for her. As we shape our new team in 2019, I know that teamwork and collaboration are possible with the right people. We look forward to introducing you to our new team. As we begin 2019, may the start of this year take you a step closer to your dreams.

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