Guest Blog – Why I chose a lawyer for my family law case

Can I handle my family law case on my own? Perhaps. Many people find themselves trying to decide whether it is necessary and/or worth it to hire an attorney for their family law case. Feher Law asked its clients to share their personal stories of why they hired a lawyer. Here, Marie* shares her story:

I had a very urgent, personal matter that needed to be pursued immediately in court. I knew that I needed to act quickly. Although I have a Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies, I knew that the weight of my personal matter would interfere with my ability to be able to successfully file all the needed documents and litigation paperwork. Litigation is a very intricate process; I knew that if I made one, small mistake, my entire case could be thrown out, and I would suffer greatly. I needed a great attorney to take the reins on this.

The very first person I thought of was Kristina Feher. I called Kristina in a panic and explained my situation. She calmly reassured me that everything was going to be okay and began to develop a game plan that same day! Within 2 months, my entire case was finished from beginning to end. That is unprecedented! Kristina worked hard so I could relax and simply give her the documentation asked of me. She worked with my schedule and our consultation appointments, which I found to be especially helpful, and the communication was astounding! I knew every step of the way what was happening in my case. Nothing went forward without my approval, and I felt very assured that I was in great hands. Kristina helped me attain all that I was seeking in my case resolution. I have never felt more comfortable in a courtroom than I did with Kristina. I would highly recommend hiring Kristina as an attorney if you want a lawyer who communicates, doesn’t price gouge, works efficiently and works swiftly. She is the one, and she is the best!

*Name changed for client confidentiality.

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