Contemplating a Collaborative Divorce?

Contemplating a Collaborative Divorce?

By Emily Schroll, Paralegal

Dissolving a marriage can be a highly stressful and an emotional time. Here at Feher Law, we like to help our clients reach solutions without dismantling their relationships and the family structure along the way.

This can be achieved by a Collaborative Divorce. Collaborative divorce involves full transparency and complete disclosure. When the parties commit themselves to avoiding adversarial proceedings, particularly litigation, and instead work together to create shared solutions to the issues presented by the parties, the success rates through voluntary settlement is high. The most successful Collaborative divorce situations contain a mutual commitment to settling the issues involved without Court intervention.

No, this is not a one-size-fits-all kind of divorce and there is no guarantee that the process will be successful, similar to any dissolution case. There is, however, participation with integrity by the parties, attorneys, and the other professionals used throughout the process. Gone are the days of finger-pointing and manipulation. Here, we have high standards of conduct, and if an inadvertent mistake is made, then it is identified and corrected without recourse.

Entering into a Collaborative divorce is big decision. Do your research prior to your consultation, be open and honest during your consultation, and do not hesitate to ask questions with the attorney, Kristina Feher, during your meeting. With the exchange of information during that time, she will be able to provide an opinion and help you determine if your situation is conducive to the Collaborative divorce process.



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