Are you really from St. Petersburg?


That is the question asked most often when I tell people I was born in St. Petersburg, Florida. The answer is “yes”. I was born at Bayfront Hospital, attended kindergarten through high school here (Lakewood), and my husband and I now reside in St. Petersburg. I am lucky to practice law in my hometown.

I hope this blog will inspire, engage, and empower you about the law and the court system as it relates to bankruptcy, family law, and small business matters. I hope to inspire you with my love of motivational quotes and funny videos. I hope to engage you with lists and stories that can help you in your everyday life. I hope to empower you with knowledge about bankruptcy law, family law, and small business matters, to help you make decisions for your own situation. I practice bankruptcy and family law. I also assist small businesses in everything from setting up their business to litigation if they need to sue someone or another business. But that’s now how it started…

In law school, I worked with businesses. I was an in-house contract administrator for a media company that helped connect and negotiate contracts on behalf of our artists with larger companies, such as Disney and EA Sports. I also worked with a law firm that represented businesses in litigation. I enjoyed the transactional side of the law – drafting and negotiating contracts – but I wasn’t sure that litigation in court was for me. The plan was to stick with businesses and handle their transactions.

But how rarely does our Plan “A” really work out?

  • I accidentally ended up in bankruptcy law. I worked for a foreclosure defense firm helping homeowners save their homes. Once we learned how valuable a tool bankruptcy was for homeowners, I started practicing. Since the start, I enjoy bankruptcy court, the friendliness of other attorneys, and the structure of federal court.
  • I started practicing family law because a family friend needed some assistance with her divorce case. The judges in family law and the other attorneys were pleasant and I achieved a good outcome for that case. Family law cases are difficult – they are an emotional time for everyone involved. It takes a strong attorney and a good understanding of the law to properly advise a client as to their case. I love being able to support people through the most difficult legal process of their lives and help them come out of it a better and stronger person.
  • But I kept true to my roots. I still represent those small businesses and now I get to help businesses in the community I grew up in. In college, I was a cheerleader. As an attorney, I helped a woman (also a former cheerleader) create a cheerleading program for lower income individuals. I am a huge animal lover and have three rescue dogs of my own. As an attorney, I helped another woman created a non-profit organization to conduct character building programs for abused children by using rescue animals to teach children about compassion, kindness, and renewed self-esteem.

I hope to connect with you, share pictures of my adorable rescue dogs, discuss the law, and make today a little more cheerful than yesterday.


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