The 3 Pieces of Technology you need in your office

We all have a smartphone, so it seems that is a given piece of technology most of us embrace. But there are other steadfast pieces of technology that can really enhance our office efficiency.

  1. A ScanSnap scanner.

If you own a ScanSnap scanner by Fujitsu, you must agree that these scanners are revolutionary. If you do not own one, this should be at the top of your purchasing list. They are compact – perfect for fitting easily on your desk. They are speedy – making it a must have for any office. The downside is they do not come cheap. But for the reliability and quality, the ScanSnap scanner is truly unbeatable.

  1. Zoom and a webcam.

Zoom is a video conferencing program use can use for meetings, webinars, file sharing, collaboration-enabled conference rooms, and more. Zoom and your webcam can assist with remote lawyering and client meetings. Zoom has pricing plans for business use that start at $14.99 a month, allow up to 100 participants, with no limit for the duration of the meeting. A webcam isn’t a must for Zoom, but it definitely allows you to read body language and facial expressions, which can help you deliver a more effective meeting. The level of camaraderie between meeting members is also enhanced with seeing each other on webcams. I am impressed at the quality of video and sound. The interface is easy to use and the simplicity of the program makes it user-friendly.

  1. A portable laptop/netbook/tablet.

The ability to be able to access files and information anywhere is essential in today’s technological society. Your options in this category are limitless. The Chromebook, the iPad, the Microsoft Surface, a laptop, a netbook…the list goes on. It is important to review the features that are important to you. Will you be viewing documents? Do you need something simple for emailing? A tablet or netbook may be a good purchase. Do you need to comment or edit documents? Do you need to research? Using something like a Chromebook or a lighter laptop may better suited. Determine the functionality you need, shop around, talk to the technology experts, and ask your colleagues. When I was looking to upgrade my laptop, I asked every attorney with a laptop or tablet in court what they were using, how they liked it, and how much it weighed. I asked about the functionality. Ask the people who use the technology every day.


Technology changes at lightning speed nowadays and it is possible that this list will be obsolete within a few months. We must continue to adapt in today’s ever changing technology society. We must be mobile. We need the ability to work remotely. We want to perform the tasks that we perform in our office while not in our office.

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